Back On My Feet

It felt so good to be back on my feet again, after 3 days of 'home arrest'.
Not that I was really fit to resume working, but at least I could get dressed in an office attire.
I made a grand entrance, so to speak.
Well, there was only ONE entrance anyway.

My assistant had to get us this "Open/Closed" signboard today.
After an incident happened ~ someone knocked his head on the glass door.
It was too transparent, he explained, bleeding.
And there I was, so happy to see a new thing, not knowing the reason behind it.
 Sorry, uncle...!

Anyways, here's the 'breakdown' of my attire:
Jacket ~ Ti:zed Ladies
3/4 Sleeve Blouse ~ BELLE
Skirts ~ V-One

(All are my fav local brands) 

Look forward to a much more pink of health tomorrow.
Insya Allah.
As they say, sickness is a way of cleansing your sins.
So, Alhamdulillah...
Thanks for keep coming back, guys..!
Barakallahu fi kum. 

xoxo, TPJ.


  1. Omg dik...akak pun suka belle tp skrg kena kuruskan badan sikit sbb size blause belle yg paling besar 11 dah rasa sendat bebenor...tzed jgn cakap laa lengan pun tak lepas..:(
    Harap mkin sihat ya..:)

    1. Tq Kak Saniah.. Sama taste la kita, ya? Kalau gitu, mesti bleh try usha2 kat V-One jugak, kot ada yg berkenan. Kat situ, byk lagi cutting dan size yg mesra alam... Chewah, bab2 promo tempat shopping, kan? ;)


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