Off To Work

Salam. How are you guys doing?
You know, when I started working more than a decade ago, I really struggled to find modest smart suits and couldn't afford to have them tailored.
After a while, I managed to find a Chinese tailor whose price was very friendly to the purse.
So he's been customizing my longs skirt suits as long as I can remember now.

Most of them are black or dark blue, although I also have earthy and grey ones.
It's forever sunny here in Kuala Lumpur, with unpredictable rain throughout the year, so I'd rather carry the jacket before it's supposed to be put on.

Sooo business-like, which is not my cup of tea but my slice of bread, indeed.

But it's always good in an air-cond compound, especially when there are loads of formal meetings or long-hour conferences bla bla bla bla.

Oh, the sandals.. I wear them everyday when I'm in the office, for it's a strictly shoes-off area.
This kind of long skirt suit is none to be found around. Not just yet, after so long.
They only have long pants suit, with the jacket ever so shapely and well, not at desirable length.
So, my tailor's a happy man, for loads of my hijabi friends are flocking his outlet.

And of course, he's charging me much more friendlier price because of that.
~ In the end, I'm a happy customer...


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