Officially Pink

Mondays are not any worker's best friends. Mostly it's Monday Blues for everybody. Except of course if you're Everyday Blues person. 
Or a No Blues Day whatsoever person.
* wink * wink

As they say, wear something nice to lighten or brighten up your day.
For colors do give an impact or two in mood swings.
So I wore pink this week to start my Monday, or should I say instead:
I officially wore pink on Monday to start my week?
That's more like it..

For the record, the wonderful curtain and sheer behind me had been made by a very pretty and smartly dressed lady who owns Nykolett Curtain & Soft Furnishing

After work I went to get some stuffs for the office.
Gotta drop by at Jakel Fabric House to pray Maghrib and
of course had to fight not to 'browse' any sections there.

And this pink maxi dress was from Hijabi Boutique.
But of course..

Truly, the right choice of color had made my Monday so pinkish.
It's all in our minds, dear friends..
Thanx for viewing.



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