Casual Sunday

It's been a long Sunday for me. Well, at least before lunchtime.
Before I got stuck in total boredom, I dragged my son downtown.
We took off after Zuhr prayer and his Qur'an lesson with my mom. 

We went to Jalan Masjid India, the center of street market in Kuala Lumpur.
I was at the wheel already when my brother-in-law hurried to take over.
Obviously he didn't want me to drive, knowing my health condition.
My hubby must have reminded him before going outstation, I guess.

It's good to be surrounded by loads of modest outfits...

My son has mastered most of his 8 years snapping mummy's pictures.
I bought 2 new blouses from this store, by the way.
At this juncture that he accidentally dropped daddy's pre-loved digital camera.
It cracked and a bit dismantled but mummy was too happy to lift an eyebrow.

Anyways, it was still working alright.
He's been asking to go to McDonald since down with fever last 2 weeks.
So, now that he was okay and would be going to school tomorrow,
his wish was my command.
A small treat for being such a good spot accompanying me around.

One thing for sure, I loved it when he said:
Mummy, you look very pretty today.
Hahaha. So cute.
He's alwiz been such a sweet-talker, ever so generous with compliments.

"All that I've done wrong, I must've done something right.
To deserve a kiss in the morning and butterfly kisses at night..."


  1. coincident lah pulak.. My camera yg first dah spoil by my second one. sedihh...

    1. Join d club, sis.. Hehe. Xpe la.. At least ada reason nak beli yg baru nanti, kan? Kan?


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