Leather Mania

Salam. How are you guys doing? Well, I have been down with fever for three days now. Tired to the bone. Much better now though, hence the update comes into the picture. ^_^ Anybody's here loathe 100% Leather Handbags? For I don't. Lurveeee them to the core. And I don't fret about brands that much, as long as the quality and designs are my cups of tea PLUS the $$$ are friendly to the purse... I'd take them. Provided I have the money, of course. 

My biggest crazes have gotta be Marc By Marc Jacobs (MBMJ), J&P London and Esfolar (Brazilian leather-wear). Well, the main reasons being they're within my range of budgets ~ apart from their wonderful designs. But now, I've just found out about my hometown's own products! OMG...! I'm insanely proud now I could scream, especially it's called "GANU".. a shortform for Terengganu. I mean, REALLY?? The company's name is TRG Leather Sdn Bhd, based in Terengganu with its branch in Glasgow, UK. The biggest pride of all is that they are absolutely HALAL, apart from being 100% authentic leather-wear. Check out their collections of Ladies' Handbags here

Always a vintage person, I'm all for these ones:

Yeah, may be they're too serious for some of you guys, but to me, they are superb. Can't wait to visit their showroom in Chendering, Kuala Terengganu when I'm home. Like when would that be? Owh... Really missed my Terengganu!

Thanks for viewing, y'all. TPJ's signing off for now. 

xx, salam.


  1. ehhh biar betul TPJ ? akak ni pun suka kulit tapi kulit yang lembut lah yang jenis bila bawak tu selembet je jatuh tu...yg design keras keras tu akak kurang minat..tak pe nanti akak cari kat web yang TPJ bagi tu nak tgk design apa yg ganu ada lagi...hehe..kalau bab shoppg memang cepat jee...:) tq for ur info dik :)

    1. Betul, kakak.. Cakap Masjid Punya...! Akak masuk FB dia, latest design byk kat situ. Nanti kalau dinda pulang ke sana, dinda tinjau2 bagi pihak kekanda, ya? ;) Chekidauwwwt.

  2. cantik la design pic 1st tu...hohoho minatttt giler ^__^


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