Romancing Arabian Scents

It's me again, posting one entry after another. Mostly because my other half has been away for several days now. One way of channeling my free time, I guess.
This time, let's talk about Arabian perfumes. Aahh...

I never actually liked Arabian scent of perfumes before, being a serious lover of Western brands.
Not until I went to the Arabian Oud, London last December. Because of the currency exchange and didn't have much left to spend, I only grabbed 2 bottles of the best scents I've ever smelled all my life.
Actually I had every intention to get a few more in Abu Dhabi a few days afterwards.

But what awaited me there was beyond my expectation whatsoever.
I fell in love with Rasasi chain of perfumes. 
And since the currency was very friendly to the purse, I ended up buying  a little bit loads more.
9 bottles to be exact.

My Latest Scents Craze

Not really. It was a tremendous good buy, since my husband also packed a bundle more than I did.
We ended up saving a whole loads of money due to handsome discounts we got.
Despite the fact that he keeps going on and off to Middle East, he tend to spend more when I was around. Kind of 'inspired' looking at me choosing mine.
It was justifiable, though, considering the price of all those back home is much, much higher.

Why Arabian perfumes? Well, they're free of alcohol, that's for sure.
And the smells are totally brand new.
Plus, the bottles themselves are sooo sexy.
Even the packagings are out of this world.
Very romantic for present or special occasion surprise.
Other than that, it's just me experimenting.

Thanks for viewing, guys..


N/B: The beautiful rich pink cotton sateen on which I placed all the perfumes was from Afridafabricut


  1. Akak ada satu perfume dari riyyad..biras bagi..mmg betul bau dia lain sikit...suka pakai sbb takde rasa dah nama pun housewife...selalu sempoi kdg2 lupa nk calit hehe :)

    1. Haaaa...kan? Calit, bukan sembur... Style lain, bau pun lain. Nak cepat susah sket ler, mcm manual vs auto gitiew... Hehehe.


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